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Watch a short video to know what to expect when joining the Evansdale Fire Department.

Why Join?

Earn Extra Cash

By belonging to our “paid-on-call” department, you can earn $80.00 per month or more for being on-call as we respond to over 600 fire, rescue and EMS calls per year.
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Free Training

As a full service Fire Rescue, our members are trained in all fields of Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials, Rescue and EMS free of charge.
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Community Events

Participate in fund raisers, parades, and other events. As a valued member of the crew you'll be invited to various community events.
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Save Lives

Dedicated to the preservation of life and property and the prevention of fires through education and inspection, you can make a difference.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be able to join the Evansdale Fire Department?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

Individuals seeking to join the fire department must be at least 18 years of age.

What are the requirements for joining?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

You must pass a background investigation including drivers license and criminal history as well as live within the required response area to our station.   Since we do not staff the station 24/7, members often respond from their homes and must be able to respond to the station within a prescribed time frame to insure prompt responses. 

What training is required?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

Members must have a valid drivers license and be able to complete required training in CPR, Firefighter-I, EMT and other fields as maybe required.

Do I have to pay for training?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

Absolutely not.   All training for the Evansdale Fire Department is free of charge and we cover the fees associated with it, however it will require some commitment of time on your part.

What will I do for the Evansdale Fire Department?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

As a full service Fire Rescue, our members are trained in all fields of Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials, Rescue and EMS.  Members are required to have a working knowledge in all fields, however may specialize in areas that are better suited to their specific field.

Do I get paid?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

As a “paid-on-call” service, members are compensated a “stipend” based upon their certification and the type of call or meeting they are participating in.  In accordance with Iowa Law, members may become eligible for retirement benefits under IPERS.

Where do I send my application?2019-08-15T17:22:20+00:00

You can mail, fax, email or drop off your application using the below details.

Evansdale Fire Rescue
911 S Evans Road
Evansdale , IA , 50707
Phone: 319-233-6930
Fax: 319-274-8966
Email: ryanp@evansdalefire.com

How many calls do you respond to per year?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

On average the Evansdale Fire Department responds to about 700 calls per year.   

How much time will I need to commit as a volunteer?2019-07-04T14:36:13+00:00

We ask you commit a few days a month to be “on-call” in addition to attending two training sessions each month.